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Conch Group holds a video conference on safety and environment protection

On Apr. 28 2017, The Group held the meeting on safety and environment protection in 1910 meeting room, Conch International Hotel. The meeting passed on the content and essence of documents: ‘Instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting ecological progress and protecting the environment (Abstract)’ and ‘The mobilization meeting spirit of central government environment protection team inspection Anhui province’.

Mr. Ren Yong made the conference summary, he emphasized that safety and environment protection is the ‘life line’ in enterprise’s scientific development, furthermore, the ‘ecological line’ in enterprise’s leapfrog development. All subsidiaries should enhance safety and environment protection awareness and skills of managers at all lever and all staffs, conscientiously implement enterprise’s social responsibility, continually increase investment on safety and environment protection to ensure stable situation of group’s safety and environment protection.(translator:Donghang)

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