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Conch Group holds The Forth Model Workers Award Ceremony

On Apr.28,2017, just in time for the coming International Workers Day, the forth model workers award ceremony took place in Huangshan hall, Conch International Hotel. The ceremony announced ‘Decisions on award the Forth Conch Group’s model workers’, leaders of the group award certificates of honor and medals to the forth model workers.

Mr. Gao Dengbang, secretary of the party committee, and chairman of Conch group made the summary speech. He emphasized that, model worker should play the leading and model role in the process of transformation and development of the group, gathering strength in planning matters and start undertakings. We should set worker models as our examples, learning their excellent qualities of devotion and topnotch, learning their good work style on dedication, taking new breakthroughs on self-development continually.(translator:Donghang)

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