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Anhui Conch: Accumulating and Preparing for the Great Time

 With the development of “One Belt One Road” Strategy, the layout of South-east Asia of Conch is also carried out.In Indonesia, after the erection of PT. South Kalimantan Project,Conch layoutsIndonesian Market with grand view: Occupying east market in West Papua, planning
 Maros and Barru Clinker Base Project in South Sulawesi, launching Merak Grinding Staiton Project to aim at the core market of Java Island,entering North Sulawesi To complete layouts of Indonesia. It will make a net to cover whole Indonsia afterthese six projects are finished. According to this plan, in the end of 2020, the production and sales capacity of Conch will reach 20 million tons of clinker and 25 million tons of cement, which will occupy 20%-30% of Indonesian market share. 

 In Myanmar, Conch formulates “Two Cities Two Rivers” layout and general thought and realizes many project like Kyaukse, Mandalay and Yangon. The total production capacity of Conch in Myanmar will reach 10 million tons. At present, the new 5000 t/d plant in Kyaukse has put into operation successfully.
 In Laos, Conch focuses on Vientiane and north important city Luang Prabang.Conch will reach the production capacity of 6 million tons in Laos. At present,the Luang Prabang Project has start condition and Vientiane Project is applied forsome approvals.
 In Cambodia, Conch cooperates with local large group company to make BattambangProject, which is planned with production capacity of 4 million tons.  At present,Battambang Project has finshed approving works and has condition to start working.

 Under the strategy of “One Belt One Road”,Conch has made each strategic plan into practice with its hard strength, advanced technology and struggle spirit.

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