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Visit Tongling CKK project up closely to witness the effeteness of CKK technology

Part of the guests and representatives of "2016 Fourth China Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Exchange Conference," went to Tongling on Oct. 24th. They visited Tongling CKK project and cement production line of 10,000 tons up closely.

At present, Tongling CKK technology has reached the world leading level, which efficiently deal with dioxins, prevent the spread of malodor, effectively , sewage is treated harmless,  heavy metal solidified stably in cement clinker and other advantages, therefore, CKK technology is a harm-eliminating, quantity-reducing and resource-restoring way to deal with municipal garbage. Some experts and scholars pointed out that the biggest advantage of the technology is that it can adopt the imperfect situation of garbage classification in China, which is the garbage into cement kiln no need to classify. The project not only benefits the people of Tongling, but also provides exploration for other cement enterprises to recycle the solid waste in China, which has a significant demonstration effect. It is understood that the second set of Tongling Conch CKK system will start soon, and the daily treatment capacity can reach 600 tons.

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