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Create international brand- Conch Group: Leader in new era

"Top 20 enterprises in Anhui in 2016" list shown that Conch Group ranked second in the province's top 100 enterprises, and its profits realized in 2015 accounted for 26% of all top 100 enterprises, which is the basic pattern of Conch Group occupies in Anhui enterprise.

 At present, Conch Group under the general guidelines of provincial party committee and government which is " become first enterprise which among the world's top 500 enterprises in Anhui at the end of 2020, the output value of single cement brand is the No.1 in the world, green building materials output value is the No.1 in the world energy saving products related with cement and service industry output value is the No.1 in domestic", it will strive to create more " Conch miracles" in the development history of cement building materials in China and even in the world.


New source: Wuhu daily

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