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【China Industry News】Conch Group Overall Layout and Global Development Acceleration

  Recently, following the Country’s "One Belt and One Road" initiative, Anhui Conch Group continues to conduct overseas development. With the effort of all Conch staff, the company is under a steady development.

  Indonesia South Kalimantan Conch and Myanmar Conch have been put into production and the benefits have been improved steadily, Indonesia North Sulawesi Conch and Cambodia Battambang Conch are under construction and will be put into production rapidly. Mandalay Project in Myanmar, Vientiane Project in Laos, Ulissyansk Project in Russia, Baru Project in Indonesia are actively applying for the approvals and construction permits as scheduled. The construction works of Luang Prabang Cement Plant Project in Laos and West Kalimantan Pontianak Cement Terminal Project in Indonesia have been progressed smoothly. And Conch Profile has signed the Letter of Intent for the potential cooperative profile project in Mandalay and Pakistan. Upholding the philosophy of common business, co-construction and sharing, Conch Group actively participates in the construction along “One Belt and One Road”and accelerates the global industrial layout.

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