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Conch Group Together with SDIC Papua Took the Activitie... [05/08/2017]
Chairman Gao Dengbang Visit and Survey safety and envir... [05/04/2017]
Director of SASAC of Anhui Province Li Minglai Visit Co... [05/02/2017]
Conch Group holds a video conference on safety and envi... [04/30/2017]
Conch Cement Obtains the honor of ‘Top 100 Hongkong st... [ 04/19/2017 ]
China have invested 50 billion US dollars at OBOR count... [ 03/07/2017 ]
Qingzhen Panjiang Conch Project in Guiyang is Listed in... [ 11/28/2016 ]
Mr. Xi Jinping
Mr. Hu Jintao
Mr. Li Keqiang
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