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Conch Group's First Batch of Industrial Grade Carbon Dioxide Products W... 10/31/2018
Conch Group Held the Second Session of Scientific and Technological Inn... 10/27/2018
Conch Group Held a Symposium to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Refor... 10/26/2018
Mr.Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Lin Changjun, President of CITIC Bank He... 10/25/2018
Mr. Gao Meets with Mr. Li Yanjiang, Chairman of China Coal Group 10/16/2018
Mr. Gao attended the First Forum on High-quality Development of Anhui L... 10/10/2018
Delegation of the Georgian Government Representatives Visit Conch Group 09/30/2018
Chairman Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Ye Haowen, Chairman of China C... 09/28/2018
Chairman Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Ding Qingling,Chairman of Anhui Po... 09/27/2018
Chairman Gao Dengbang meet the vice President Xu Defu of China Building... 09/21/2018
Chairman Gao Dengbang conduct a research and guidance work in Digang Co... 09/10/2018
The First Advanced Training Class for Internationalization 09/09/2018
President Wang Zhengzhong of Xinhua News Agency Anhui Branch visit Conc... 09/07/2018
Chairman Gao Dengbang meet CITIC Heavy Industry Chairman Yu Zhangfa 08/28/2018
Officials from the ASEAN embassies in China visit the Conch Group 08/22/2018
Social Responsibility Performance of Conch Group 08/17/2018
Conch Group: Effective Achievement in Environment Protection 08/16/2018
Chairman Gao Dengbang meet Nanjing County Party Committee Secretary Hua... 08/15/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang researches environmental protection project constructi... 08/15/2018
Mr Gao Dengbang researches at Chizhou Conch 08/08/2018
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