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Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Long Jisheng, Chairman and CEO of SUS E... 06/30/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Takeuchi Jingjie, the top Adviser of JGC Co... 06/15/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets with Mr. Zhang Anping, chairman of Taiwan Cement 06/05/2018
Battambang Conch Holds the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony 06/01/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Cai Yong, Chairman of Guoyuan Securities 06/01/2018
Conch: Let Green Be the Dominant Color for Development 05/25/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Chen Zhongyue, Deputy General Manager o... 05/24/2018
Conch Group Conducts Further and Deeper Assistance of Poverty Alleviati... 05/23/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Lin Xiaoxin, Chairman of Goldsun Group 05/18/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of Heidelberg... 05/18/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Jiang Changlu, Chairman of BBMG Jidon... 05/14/2018
Conch Group Attends the First Exposition on China Indigenous Brand 05/12/2018
Myanmar Conch Holds the Opening Ceremony of First Chinese Training Cour... 05/08/2018
Conch Group develops over “Belt and Road” 05/04/2018
Net Profit of Conch Cement Reaches a New High of 4.78 Billion Yuan 04/25/2018
Ren Yong, the General Manger of Conch Group, conduct the survey on envi... 04/19/2018
Gao Dengbang, Chairman of theConch Group, meet the President of Zhenhua... 04/12/2018
Wang Jianchao, Deputy General Manager of Conch Group, visit Jianglaojia... 04/11/2018
Gao Dengbang conduct the survey on environmental protection work at riv... 04/06/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Peng Yi, General Manager of China Coal Energ... 04/05/2018
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