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Wang Jianchao, Deputy General Manager of Conch Group, visit Jianglaojia... 04/11/2018
Gao Dengbang conduct the survey on environmental protection work at riv... 04/06/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Peng Yi, General Manager of China Coal Energ... 04/05/2018
Mr. Xie Guangxiagn, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Anhui ... 04/05/2018
Mr. Yang Guangliang, vice General Manager of Anhui Construction Enginee... 04/03/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Hu Qinghua, Chief Risk Officer of China Mins... 03/17/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Wang Pu, municipal party secretary of Ningguo 03/16/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang leads a delegation to visit State Power Investment Gro... 03/15/2018
Mr. He Shushan, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, visits Conch Group 03/09/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Zhou Longshan, Board Chairman of China resou... 03/08/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Wei Zhishan, General manager of Anhui Branch... 03/07/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Li Yedi, president of China Minsheng Bank, H... 03/06/2018
Mr. Ren Yong meets Mr. Cui Xingtai, President of China United Cement Co... 03/02/2018
Overall review of the 2017 reform and development 02/05/2018
Conch Group 2018 working conference and the 3rd congress of workers and... 02/05/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Li Jun, president of Industrial Bank Hefei b... 02/02/2018
Conch Group hold safety production council video conference 02/02/2018
Mr Gao Dengbang goes down to the grass-roots unit to research on anti-s... 01/28/2018
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr Wong Ben Koon, president of Prosperity Intern... 01/25/2018
Mr. Ren Yong goes down to the grass-roots units to research safety and ... 01/24/2018
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