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Conch Group holds safety production monthly publicity activity at Tongl... 06/21/2017
North Sulawesi Province and Bolaang Mongondow county leaders visited No... 06/14/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang, Chairman of Conch Group meets Mr. Dai Yueming, Direct... 06/08/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. CHAN SOPHAL, governor of Battambang province... 06/03/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang visits Cambodia projects 06/02/2017
Mr. Chan Sophal, governor of Battambang province, Cambodia, visit Batta... 06/02/2017
Xing'an Conch implement book donation activity at local primary schools 06/01/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang visits SCG group of Thailand 06/01/2017
Conch Group Holds Coordination Meeting for Poverty Alleviation 05/31/2017
Mr.nbsp;Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Li Ming, executive vice mayor of Huaibei... 05/23/2017
Conch Group Together with SDIC Papua Took the Activities of Supporting ... 05/08/2017
Chairman Gao Dengbang Visit and Survey safety and environmental protect... 05/04/2017
Director of SASAC of Anhui Province Li Minglai Visit Conch Group 05/02/2017
Conch Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Chizhou Cit... 04/30/2017
Conch Group holds a video conference on safety and environment protecti... 04/30/2017
Conch Group holds The Forth Model Workers Award Ceremony 04/30/2017
Mr.Gao Dengbang, Chairman of Conch Group, Meets Mr. Lai Jiao, party chi... 04/28/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang Chairman of Conch Group, Meets Mr. Chen Xiang, Chairma... 04/27/2017
North Anhui Region outperformed the sales, production and benefit targe... 04/25/2017
Mr. Gao Dengbang meets Mr. Stuart Tait, General Manager of HSBC 04/19/2017
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