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Qiangjiao Conch Got The Approval of Ningbo Environmental Protection Bur... 11/06/2007
The New York Times Reporters Visited Ningguo Cement Plant 11/03/2007
Visitors from Brazil and Argentina Visited Ningguo Cement Plant 11/02/2007
Chizhou Conch 11600kW WHG system succeeded in grid connection 11/02/2007
The Meeting of Extending Energy-Saving Technology for Qingyuan Held in ... 10/31/2007
Tongling Conch 30500kW WHG Generators Achieves Design Load 10/31/2007
The World's Largest Cement WHG in Tongling Conch Succeeded in Grid Conn... 10/28/2007
Tongling Conch the first WHG Project Attains Resources Comprehensive Ut... 10/26/2007
The Inspection And Acceptance Work For The 17MW WHG Project In Chizhou ... 10/25/2007
Nanning Chemical Group Visited Fusui Conch For Communicating Energy-sav... 10/23/2007
General Manager of Credit Department in CCB Huang Xianjun Visited Conch 10/21/2007
DNV and CAMCO Company Audited CDM for the WHG project of Zongyang Conch... 10/20/2007
EU environmental protection agency investigated China Cement Plant Comp... 10/12/2007
Ningguo Cement Plant Obtained “Anhui Environmental Protection Innovate... 10/11/2007
Fenyi Conch Continued Work Promoting Energy Saving and Environmental Pr... 10/09/2007
Vice Director of Standing Committee of Anhui People's Congress Huang Yu... 10/05/2007
Joint Venture Contract of Anhui Conch Kawasaki Energy Reservation Equip... 09/29/2007
Cleaning-Production Evaluation Approved in Lushan Conch 09/28/2007
China Cement Plant Company Limited Smoothly Exports the First Lot Cemen... 09/25/2007
17 Institutions Including Daiwa Securities SMBC-Cathay Co.,Ltd Visit Co... 09/21/2007
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