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Wuhu Conch No.4 5000T/D Production Line Ignited 05/24/2007
Digang Conch 18500kW WHG project put into operation successfully 05/13/2007
Ningguo Cement Plant WHG CMD Project Registered Successfully In United ... 05/09/2007
XingAn Conch held speech contest of theme “develop CONCH spirit, unfur... 05/04/2007
Australia Cement Industry Federation Visit Conch 04/26/2007
Jiande CONCH WHG Project Attracted Zhegjiang Cement Enterprises to Lear... 04/25/2007
Conch Leading Chinese Cement WHG Technology 04/21/2007
Chizhou Conch WHG plant running in hi-efficiency 04/12/2007
Many measures taken simultaneously on power consumption saving in Huain... 04/10/2007
Mine Committee of CONCH conducts site investigation and all-roundly enh... 04/07/2007
Chizhou Conch won the honor of “demonstration area of national industr... 04/04/2007
Conch speeded up Popularization of WHG technology 03/29/2007
Conch Holding Technical Design Liaison for Raw Mill with FLS 03/28/2007
LIEBHERR hold technical exchange in CONCH 03/28/2007
WHG for Ningguo No.3 kiln running smoothly and continuously 03/24/2007
The massive benefit of Baling Conch was standing out gradually 03/11/2007
Zongyang Conch WHG project put into operation successfully at first sta... 02/28/2007
Chizhou Conch WHG project running stably and efficiently during Chines... 02/22/2007
Produced in good order in all subsidiaries, and made a good start on pr... 02/21/2007
Tongling Conch first 16300kW WHG project put into operation successfully 02/02/2007
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