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The " CONCH " brand cement is well-known due to its high quality, it was exempted from inspection by State General Administration Bureau for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. The "CONCH" brand was set as a well-known trademark by State Trademark Bureau. Conch cement has been used in many key projects, for example, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Television Tower ,Rail beam of Shanghai maglev train , the Nanpo Bridge and the Yangpu Bridge in Shanghai, Wuhu Yangtse River Bridge , Shanghai Pudong International Airport , Xiamen Haicang Bridge , the first largest  nuclear power station in China- Lianyungang nuclear power station and a lot of buildings such as the longest world bridge across the sea --Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Hangning Expressway, Jingfu Expressway , Luozhan Railway , Wuguang  Railway etc.

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