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The State Council Official Replies the Yangtze River Delta City Group P... 05/25/2016
Mr. Guo Wensan,the Former Chairman of Conch Cement,is awarded“Lifetime... 04/27/2016
Tongling Conch has been listed pilot enterprise for China cement kiln c... 03/18/2016
Conch Cement thrives for top 500 company by merger, acquisition and reo... 02/01/2016
Conch Cement Controlling West Cement: Open a New Chapter in Cement Merg... 01/22/2016
Shuangfeng Conch CKK is Officially put into Operation 01/12/2016
Yangzhou Conch Wharf is Officially Opened to Outsiders 01/04/2016
Conch Group: Take advantage of Cost, Merge and Expand Capacity 12/31/2015
Feng Huangshan Conch: Win Special Award of National Testing Competition... 12/07/2015
Shimen Conch in Hunan province, leads the green development path 11/24/2015
Environmental protection industry draw the road-map for green developme... 11/16/2015
“One Belt One Road” strategy have promoted the development of cement ... 11/12/2015
Conch Group Responses “ One Belt One Road” Strategy And Layouts Devel... 11/01/2015
Conch Cement: Keep Stable Performance In Cold Wave of Cement Market 10/29/2015
Jiang xi: Cement and Other Enterprises Are Encouraged To “Go Global” 10/15/2015
Conch Cement is selected “the most admiring Chinese company” 10/01/2015
Conch Group Ranks 198th of Top 500 Asian Brands 09/24/2015
Conch Company Makes Use Of Urban Garbage By Cement Kiln 09/22/2015
Mr. Li Jinbin Investigates Conch Group: Make Efforts To Build the Inter... 09/11/2015
Conch Group ranks No. 2 in the 2015 Top 100 Anhui Enterprises 09/08/2015
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